When CentriLogic became the owner of a "live", legacy data centre that had a number of Single Points of Failure, electrical power path and power usage inefficiencies, they approached Saradan to help them overcome these issues. Through collaboration, the following changes were made to the sites electrical infrastructure without a shutdown being required:

  • 2 x 600KVA UPS`s were electrically separated to provide N+N resiliency. This involved extensive switchgear and 2,500a busbar alterations.
  • A second UPS output board was installed and half the data centre PDU`s were transferred onto the new board to provide concurrently maintainable power supplies to the IT cabinets.
  • The very lowly loaded SER room UPS`s were removed and the server room PDU`s transferred onto the large UPS`s. These changes, coupled with BMS controls alterations and reconfiguration of the data centre air-conditioning provided instant energy savings.