Newtel had already converted a small, terrace building with a shared rear car park area, directly on the esplanade at St Peter Port into a small data centre and general offices, when an existing client requested a dedicated room for approx. 38 racks @ a heat rejection/IT power load of over 120kW. Besides the usual data centre fit out works, the existing UPS system needed replacing for a new N+N configuration, 3 new 65kW (N+1) close control air-conditioning were required along with a new diesel generator.

There were a number of challenges with the project, not least the limited internal space for the computer room and electrical plant room space for the new UPS's and switchgear and nowhere to locate the generator and air-conditioning condensers.

Saradan designed a unique configuration for the generator and condensers within a double stack steel frame and louvered facade at the rear of the site that had to meet very specific local planning department restrictions/requirements.