Modular Data Centres

We Offer:

  • Manufacture & Install One-off, Specialist Modular Data Centres

  • Designed, Built and Delivered to Site within Weeks

  • Manufacture & Installation of Panel / Pre-fabricated Data Centres

  • Scalable, Flexible, Efficient and Quick Design


Modular Data Centre Design & Fit-Out

The benefit of modular data centres are they can be built in single modules or multi-modules either side-by-side or stacked on top of each other to make a larger facility and can be installed externally on any difficult shaped site or within a pre-existing building.

Because our Modular Pods are custom built height, width and length, they can be arranged with a raised floor and height above a 47U rack unlike you would get with a converted container build.

We can use many different cooling methods within our Modular Data Centres such as Chilled Water, Air Cooled, Immersion Cooling or Direct to Chip Cooling.

Saradan can provide their clients the complete turnkey package including:

  • Produce a concept / feasibility / detailed design
  • Undertake all site surveys i.e. Geotech, flood risk etc.
  • Obtaining Planning and Building Control approvals
  • Liaison with utility companies, fibre providers etc.
  • Fulfill all CDM H&S roles i.e. Principle designer and Contractor
  • Undertake all construction works
  • Undertake all fitout works
  • Undertake all M&E works
  • Full Integrated testing and commissioning
  • Ongoing maintenance and technical support

Our vision is to design & build to a client’s specification, therefore we explore the best products in the market to create the right modular solution.

BP 3D Pod Submer

With our extension knowledge and experience in the Data Centre market, we are also able to offer solutions based around the latest technologies including Immersion Cooling.