When Centrilogic became the owner/operator of a “live”, legacy data centre there were a number of Single Points of Failure and limited maintenance resiliency issues related to the electrical infrastructure supporting the IT equipment in addition the sites M&E systems were not operating energy inefficiently. Saradan was asked to help resolve these issues. Through collaboration the following changes were made to the sites electrical infrastructure without a shutdown being required:-

The 2 x 600KVA UPS`s were electrically separated to provide N+N resiliency. This involved extensive switchgear and 2,500a busbar alterations.

A second UPS output board was installed and half the data centre Mardix PDU`s were transferred onto this to provide concurrently maintainable power supplies to the IT cabinets.

The very lowly loaded SER room UPS`s were removed and the SER room PDU`s transferred onto the large UPS`s.

The above changes coupled with BMS controls alterations and reconfiguration of the data centre air-conditioning provided instant energy savings.