Design Criteria:

Data Halls 25/26: Each DH is approx. 500m² with 3200kW spread evenly across the two halls.

Estimated Project Value: Circa £20m


In Q2 2018, Saradan were asked by Metnor Construction to provide Program and Technical advice and expertise with regards to the tender documentation they had received, along with helping to cost, manage and implement certain elements of the requirements laid out within the tender. As the project contract was to be awarded as a traditional ‘build only’ contract the specific focus was put on buildability, testing and commissioning.

Metnor Construction were awarded the ‘Build Contract’ in Q3 2018 and Saradan were asked to act as Technical and Program Advisors to the Metnor team to give assistance on specific major plant manufactures proposals in respect to meeting the tender requirements. During this period, Saradan flagged-up a number of anomalies within the design that did not or could not be met, in respect of design operation and buildability.

Throughout 2019 our duties were extended to assist the main contractor with working with the principle design engineering team in trying to find solutions to fundamental design issues that could neither meet the data centre design criteria or be constructed in a safe manner, keeping in mind maintainability and plant replacement (HV Cable containment routing, HV/LV cable containment coordination, LV Sub-distribution, Generator Air-intake and louvre issues, UPS room cooling, LV Switch-room segregation. In late Q4 2019, the Client took the decision to terminate the principle design teams contract and it was agreed between both the client and the Metnor team that they would both find a way to try to develop the current design and work together in finding a solution that both meets the data centre design criteria, whilst also meeting maintenance and plant replacement needs.

Project On-going...

Both the Client and the Metnor design team are working together, with some of the fundamental design issues being developed into working solutions and Saradan are committed in working alongside both teams to make sure that the project is completed, tested and commissioned as originally intended.