In 2016, Saradan worked with an American contractor to help them win the “over roofing” of a “live” data centre in Crawley. The newly installed 2,500m² flat roof recently installed as part of the build of the entire facility had many leaks which were dripping onto the tenants IT equipment. The existing roof could not be repaired as all the Diesel Generators, Transformers, UPS pods and Excool IDAC units were already in situ and operational on the roof.

Overall program was 16 months.

Project value was £5m with JCT D&B contract.

The Solution:

Saradan worked with the existing clients design team to come up with an acceptable and workable solution that ensured the existing MEP plant and IT BAU were not put at risk and the performance of the Excool IDAC units was not compromised. The solution was a new, double vaulted roof over the top of all the M&E plant with extra air intake louvers to the side of the building and air exhaust ducts with canopies through the new roof for the IDAC units.

What next?

Saradan were appointed as MEP consultants, Project Managers and Site Managers for the American contractor. We managed the full design coordination and pre-planning program in partnership with the clients team. We oversaw subcontractor tendering and appointment etc. then managed the entire project both off and on site for 10 months with full H&S responsibility.

Saradan managed and produced reports/meeting minutes for weekly management / progress/ design meetings, offsite design workshops, onsite H&S, daily and weekly onsite H&S and operational meetings with the client and their third part maintenance contractor (CBRE) + meetings with DRT and their tenant when any high risk operations took place. Saradan held full program control and reporting.