The site was a 1990’s “mothballed” 1,000m² (net technical) data centre built for an American financial institute. The M&E equipment was originally designed to provide approx. 700 w/m² power capacity, and the M&E infrastructure was not designed to achieve TUI Tier III resiliency or “concurrently maintainable”.

The new site owner employed a Design & Build Contractor to upgrade the site to 1.5kW/m² and to meet The Uptime Institute, Tier 3 design topology requirements.

Saradan was retained by the site owner as Building Services Consultants to assist in the redesign of the site’s M&E infrastructure, oversee the fit-out works, commissioning and IST.

Space on site was at a premium due to the lower original M&E plant requirements, this required some creative thinking to “shoehorn” everything in.

New Works:

Total redesign of the ME systems including “knocking through” rooms to fit in all services.

New Systems Installed:

  • 28 x 80kW, down flow, chilled water CRAC units (in 4 circuits for N+1).
  • 4 x 620kW packaged “free cooling” air cooled chillers (N+1).
  • Dual 3.5mVA power supplies with new HV and LV switchgear.
  • 3 x 2.2mVA diesel generators (N+1).
  • 4 x 630kVA kinetic / rotary UPS’s (N+1).
7 Greenwich View Place