Saradan helped JT evaluate and produce feasibility reports on several sites before The Jersey Potteries building was selected. Saradan was then appointed as lead consultants and Client Project Manager on the conversion of a 6,000sq/ft. industrial warehouse into a 400x rack Co-Hosting data centre (to Tier 3 standard).

New Works:

  • Installation of new dual 11kV power supplies providing N+N resiliency, transformers and switchgear, including construction of a HV room and transformer compound.
  • Installation of new N+N LV distribution boards, UPS output boards etc. ensuring all capital and critical plant has dual power routes and no Single Points of Failure along the power distribution pathways.
  • Installation of 12 No. 80kW net sensible, DX close control air-conditioning units in the Data Hall (N+1 resiliency).
  • 2 x 800kVA chloride state-of-the-art TRINERGY UPS systems (N+N) each with a set of VRLA batteries providing 10 minutes autonomy.
  • Installation of 4 x 550kVA prime power diesel generator systems (N+1). Each set provided with an integral 24hour capacity fuel tank.
  • Substantial structural alterations, repair and re-landscaping of the site.
  • Major refurbishment and repair to the existing building envelope and a complete interior fit out.
  • All necessary acoustic treatment to ensure new works meet planning and building control requirements.
  • New CCTV, access control and intruder systems.
  • New building fire alarm system with smoke detection across the site, HSSD systems to critical areas + gas suppression system to the data hall.
  • IT Power distribution boards fitted with Static Transfer Switches.
  • A BMS system to monitor all new plant and systems, with remote monitoring.
  • A comprehensive water detection system.
  • Installation of new lightning protection.
  • Installation of a perimeter security fence with entrance gates.
  • Full internal fit-out to form plant rooms, build room, offices, reception etc.