Surrey County Council (SCC) is a leading South East local authority providing education, social services, environment, transport, library, community and emergency services with over 200 locations across the County and employs over 23,000 staff.

The Council operates 2 dedicated, purpose built, state of the art data centres which provide secure hosting space, application and infrastructure services to over 8000 users across the Councils internal business teams and partners, as well as external partnerships for both public sector and private sector clients.


In local government, there is pressure to cut costs and reduce carbon footprints. SCC is facing exceptional financial challenges as a result of cuts in government grants and an increase in demand for their services.

The Council’s secondary data centre facility had not had any significant investment for more than 20 years, the legacy UPS systems were no longer sustainable, and there were a number of issues with the power distribution systems, which were a cause for concern.

The Councils Critical Facilities Team who manage the Council’s Data Centres, needed to provide a reliable and stable environment to support the IT infrastructure for the Councils critical business services and reduce its operational costs.

The Solution:

Saradan worked with the Councils Critical Facilities Team and chose as replacement for the legacy AROS UPS systems new energy efficient BORRI B9000FXS 250kVA UPS Systems as an N+1 configuration with full maintenance bypass castell arrangement.

During the design and site survey phase, a number of weaknesses and single points of failure in SCC’s electrical infrastructure were identified and removed using new switchgear removed, increasing the overall resilience and maintainability of the site.

The work was successfully completed in a six-week period with one weekend shutdown to replace the UPS systems and related electrics and switchgear.

The Benefits:

Since the new units have been there, there has been a 10% drop in energy consumption.